REMARK: Spice flows into the Top 10!

Another week with a highly anticipated blockbuster, this time with a Canadian connection! But will that spot take the top spot, or could the return of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional upper-class family bring it back? Maybe some married killers will make their way to number 1? You will have to keep reading to find out!

Succession (season 3)

Where to watch: Crave

Kicking off this week with the return of one of HBO’s best shows!

Logan and Shiv Roy plan their next attack on Succession.

Succession stars Brian cox (from Brave Heart and X2: X-Men United) as Logan Roy, the head of a family-run multimedia conglomerate. He is trying to determine which of his four children will succeed him when the time comes. They are Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy strong from the big bet), the most intelligent of the group lacking the killer instinct, Shiv Roy (played by Sarah snook from Predestination), the only daughter who is always scheming on her own, Roman Roy (played by Kieran culkin from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world), the youngest child and self-proclaimed ‘slime cub’, and Connor Roy (played by Alan ruck from Ferris Bueller day off), the oldest and the least interested in taking charge. The last time we left them, Kendall had turned against her father, publicly blaming him for all the recent scandals at the company. Now he’s trying to see who in the company will back him up against his father and try to get out of jail for his own role in the company scandals.

You can catch the first episode on Crave now, with other episodes coming out every week!

The last duel

Where to watch: Cinemas

Next, a trip to the 14th century!

The last duel is the last movie of Ridley scott, the director behind movies like Alien, Gladiator, and Bounty hunter. Stars Matt Damon (from the martian and Behind the candlestick) and Jodie Comer (from Killing Eva and Free boy) as a knight and his wife respectively in 14th century France. Comer’s character claims that she was raped by her husband’s squire, played by Adam Driver (from Marriage story and BlacKkKlansman). Damon’s character challenges him to a duel to the death. What’s interesting about this movie is that it employs a narrative structure similar to the acclaimed Japanese movie. Rashomon. The film is divided into three parts before the duel, each of which focuses on the rape and the events that led up to it from the perspective of the three characters involved, Damon, Driver, and Comer.

You can see this movie in theaters now!

You (season 3)

Where to watch: Netflix

Now, let’s take a look at another new season of a returning show!

Joe and Love look out the window, wondering how to cover up their latest murder, in you.

you follows Joe Goldberg (played by Penn badgley from John tucker must die and Gossip Girl), a deranged stalker and murderer. This new season sees him marry Love (played by Victoria Pedretti from the Haunting Serie and Once upon a time in hollywood), and settled with her in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She is also a deranged killer, so it seems like she is a match made in heaven. But her old tendencies surface when she meets her new next-door neighbor, Natalie (played by Michaela McManus from One Tree Hill). This leads to new struggles for married killers, not to mention the fact that they have to raise their young son.

You can watch every episode of this on Netflix now!

The velvet meter

Where to watch: Apple TV +

Now, let’s take a look at a documentary about one of the most influential and experimental rock bands of all time!

The velvet meter It’s a new documentary about, you guessed it, velvet meter. Founded by Lou reed and John cale, the band ended up becoming one of the most important rock bands of the 20th century. This documentary, directed by Todd Haynes (who created it Far from the sky, Velvet Gold Mine, and Carol) discusses its importance and influence on the New York art scene. From its association with Andy Warhol, for the launch of your First album with german singer NicoUntil the band’s disbandment, this is the definitive documentary about the band that inspired more musicians than you can imagine.

The documentary is now available to watch on Apple TV +!


Where to watch: Cinemas

Finally, the latest adaptation of a sci-fi epic!

Dune is the third filmed adaptation of Frank Herbert Masterpiece. The first adaptation was directed by David lynch (the creator of Twin peaks and Mulholland Drive) and released in 1984, and the second was a miniseries launched in 2000 created by John harrison (one of the directors of the new A scare show). Dune tells the story of Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet from Call me by your name and Lady bird), the heir to House Atreides, who has just received ownership of the most valuable planet in the galaxy. It’s called Arrakis and it provides the most important substance in the galactic economy, a psychoactive spice called melange that allows humans to travel beyond the speed of light. But another house is plotting to take over Arrakis, and they take no prisoners.

This movie stars a gigantic cast that includes Rebecca ferguson (from Sleep doctor and the Mission Impossible movies), Stellan Skarsgård (from Breaking the waves and Chernobyl) and Javier Bardem (from Skyfall and No country for old men), among several others. It was directed by the Québec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who also did Hitman and Blade Runner 2049. You can watch an interview I conducted with Villeneuve and Ferguson below, and you can read a review of the film on TIFF. here!

The film opens in theaters on Friday, October 22!


10. You (season 3) – Netflix

9. Titanium – Cinemas

8. Poison: Let there be slaughter – Cinemas

7. The last duel – Cinemas

6. Haunted Mansion of the Muppets – Disney +

5. The velvet meter – Apple TV +

Four. No time to die – Cinemas

3. Raiders of the night – Cinemas

2. Succession (season 3) – I long

1. Dune – Cinemas

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