Cases like that of actress Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau, who died while awaiting surgery, are likely to multiply due to the shedding of several activities, doctors fear at the sight of waiting lists which continue to grow. ‘lengthen.

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“We have every reason to believe that indeed, in recent months, there are people who have become increasingly ill and who have potentially died from an evolving pathology, due to the pandemic and the health system who was more and more under pressure, ”noted Monday Dr. Michaël Bensoussan, gastroenterologist at Charles-Le Moyne hospital.

Simply in his specialty, Dr. Bensoussan indicates that the relief has seriously extended waiting lists for colonoscopies, that is, colon cancer screening tests.

“We are starting to hear about tragedies and it is obvious that there will be some,” he fears.

“To make up for this waiting list, we will have to be inventive,” adds the doctor. We will have to do evening and even weekend shifts. We will have to multiply the contracts that are already present with clinics outside hospitals. ”

What is currently the most problematic, says the specialist, are the surgeries that require hospitalization.

“The government has made great efforts – and it works well enough – so that we can reduce the waiting lists for everything that is done without spending nights in the hospital,” he explains. However, there are many procedures that require hospitalization for one, two, four or five days. For now, we don’t have a solution and we don’t see a plan coming up. ”

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At the heart of the pandemic, Quebec has offloaded up to 70% of its activities within the health system. Currently, in gastroenterology, the government has asked to return to a 20% load shedding of activities.

“What we are saying is that with the delay accumulated during the pandemic, we will have to find a way to roll for some time at 110%, 120%, even 130%, notes Dr Bensoussan . With a staff that has been under strain for months, nurses who have resigned, doctors who are exhausted and premises that are full, the task is long. “

The drop in the number of new contaminations is, according to him, the ideal time to put in place a strategy to return as quickly as possible to what should have been the waiting lists without a pandemic.

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