Registered in January 68% more deaths by Covid than in December

The deaths by Covid-19 in the country during January will be increased by 68% in comparison with the months of December 2021, following the dates of the Secretariat of Federal Health (SSA).

In January 30, 5,725 coronavirus deaths were recorded in Mexico, while by December 2021, according to SSA records, 3,405 virus infections were recorded.

The figure for the same amount is 41%, compared with the months presented in November 2021, when 4,043 cases were reported. However, the cases registered in October of 2021 will be debated, accounting for 7,800 deaths.

Cabe mentions that the variant Ómicron, of the virus SARS-CoV-2, appeared in our country in the finals of December passed, which has impulsed the number of contagios and with these decades. In addition, the figures from the SSA, just as they are registering a million contagios, derived from the facility with which the variant is proposed.

In the past, the 32 deaths recorded human coronavirus deaths. Of these, the five with more fueron mortal cases, first lie, the City of Mexico (618).

Le siguieron Baja California (411); Chihuahua (408); Coahuila (395) and the State of Mexico (392).

Millones aún sin vacunar

Hasta ayer, in Mexico has 5 million 833,241 people, of 18 years, who are not evacuated against the Covid-19.

According to the Provisions of the National Council of Population (Conapo), which are used by the SSA to calculate the universe of inocular persons, in the country there are 89 million 484,507 persons with the mayor of edad, of those who have inoculated 83 million 651,266.

Of the more than 83 million people with registration records, 77 million 242,259 ten the complete evacuation scheme against the Covid-19, while 6 million 409,007 tenin the middle of the scheme.

The World Health Organization has announced, in the final stages of December, that there will be about 10 people killed by Covid-19 in the world, which has been inoculated against the virus.

The 18th of January, at the Presidential Matinee Conference, the Secretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, stated that 65 out of every 100 people hospitalized in the country, due to complications at Covid-19, o no vacancies or tenin the mitad of the inoculation scheme against the coronavirus.

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