When owner Nina Chhina first decided to rent her home, she never imagined that her tenant would end up destroying her home and its value.

Chhina says an appraiser told her that her home’s value has now depreciated by $ 85,000 due to extensive damage.

“The floors are destroyed, we have to remove the kitchen floor, all the bedroom rugs are destroyed and they have to be removed and taken out, a lot of the baseboards in the house have to be taken out and taken out,” Chhina said. he said as he explained what he saw when he took a tour of his house.

Homeowner Nina Chhina says her rental property had several holes and damage to the walls, floors, and amenities around her property.

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A look inside a rental property destroyed by a tenant.

Dave parsons

Chhina says that the stench of garbage, urine and feces in her house is unbearable, there were many fruit flies everywhere, the house had a lot of garbage everywhere, and there were various stains on the walls and floors.

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Chhina rented her three-bedroom, two-car garage door duplex to a woman with four children initially for $ 1,500 a month, but then the tenant insisted on renting the garage as well, bringing the rent to $ 1,900 a month.

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According to Chhina, the tenant stayed at his property from last December to this August, adding that those nine months were a complete nightmare, from the poor communication he had with the tenant to the numerous complaints he received from neighbors regarding noise and dirt. home.

Nina Chhina says the repairs will cost her at least $ 70,000.

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“Every time there was a problem with her that we addressed with her, she had all the excuses under the sun: this happened, that happened, this person died, this person died,” Chhina said.

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“It was one excuse after another, excuse after excuse.”

She says that every room in the house must be gutted in order to restore them and that the loss of rental income and damage, which continues to grow, is currently around $ 70,000.

“With the removal of things, I mean the time invested, the people who come to help us, all kinds of things, the amount of products that I have had to buy to clean the house, everything, we are done. ‘Chhina said.

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His tenant eventually had to be evicted, after he continually fell behind on his rent for weeks or didn’t pay it at all.

Now Chhina plans to take her to court so she can recoup the money she had to invest to fix the property, however there are still several challenges on the way.

The landlord says his rental property had been destroyed both inside and outside the house.

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Cameron Choquette, executive director of the Saskatchewan Landlord Association, says the cost of the damage exceeds $ 30,000, meaning Chhina will have to resolve the matter in Queen’s Bench Court.

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One of the main difficulties that Chhina faces includes knowing where the tenant lives now so that she can deliver the court papers.

Chhina says the tenant cut off communication with her and blocked her email.

“Unfortunately, our industry has to face those costs and swallow them in many cases where we cannot find tenants to execute collection procedures in Saskatchewan, because the legislation is unfortunately not strong enough,” said Choquettem.

Choquettem says the Saskatchewan Homeowners Association is working to have landlord rights legislation changed so that people like Chhina are not in situations where the landlord has to pay a huge amount of money out of pocket. to repair the destruction caused to your property at the expense of the tenant.

Chhina says that once her house is fixed, she doesn’t want to own it again and plans to sell it.

But you fear having to rent it for a short period of time if that ends up being your best option once the repairs are completed.

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