Regina faith groups gather for vigil supporting Ukraine

Members of different religions and faiths gathered together at a Regina church in vigil for the people of Ukraine.

Elina and Alexander Glozman attended the vigil Thursday night to show their support for the country.

“We wanted to show the Ukrainian community that we are with them in this terrible time and support them how we can,” said Elina Glozman.

The couple is from Israel but have family in Ukraine and Russia.

“It is difficult to have family on both sides because you cannot divide yourself between who is right and who is wrong and you just cry for both sides,” said Glozman.

Carla Blakley, the pastor at Lakeview United Church, said this is the least religious communities can do.

“When so many people from [Regina] have roots that are Ukrainian, it touches their hearts very deeply,” said Blakley. “We needed to do something that we can show solidarity and show unity and coming together in peace.”

The vigil included prayers from different religions and songs from different communities.

“Religion can also be unifying, and we should be there for each other when something happens in one of our synagogues or mosques or churches,” said Blakley.

Rabbi Jeremy Parnes, from Beth Jacob Synagogue, attended the vigil and offered a prayer for those in Ukraine.

“To bring people together, whomsoever they may be, simply to pray for peace, and for healing,” said Rabbi Parnes.

Candles were lit, which Blakley said meant peace and unity. A moment of silence was also observed.

Lakeview United Church will be accepting donations for Ukraine.

Blakely is urging people to donate to any charities supporting the country in this time of need.

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