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Regina city councilors will debate a proposed statute a second time after the motion was tabled at the Sept. 29 council meeting.

If approved, beginning January 1, 2022, homeowners living next to a sidewalk will be required to clear all snow and ice from that walk within 48 hours of the snowfall.

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Currently, all owners of commercial properties, parking lots, and apartment buildings must clear sidewalks within 24 to 48 hours of the snowfall.

The city hopes this change will create more walkable and mobility friendly neighborhoods.

“Residents may be motivated to walk or use public transportation more due to the improved accessibility of sidewalks, thus reducing dependence on cars and trucks for mobility in the community,” a city report indicated.

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The Snow Angels program will be available to assist physically challenged residents who cannot clear their paths on their own.

Property owners will face penalties of $ 100 plus the cost of snow clearing if they fail to comply with the statutes.

The city administration requested that $ 510,000 be provided in the 2022 budget to hire three additional statute officers and fund an administrative statute position and a position in the city’s legal services branch.

“Survey feedback and service requests suggest that residents want to see more consistent sidewalk cleaning efforts in our community and favor an approach that includes compliance options,” the city said.

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Other cities, like Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton, have similar statutes.

Ward 2 Coun. Bob Hawkins said the lack of sidewalk cleaning has been a problem since he has been on the council for the past eight years.

“It’s often the subject of service requests where people who have snow on their sidewalks or in their neighborhoods call the city and ask what can be done about it,” Hawkins told Global News.

Hawkins said that during his time as a city councilman, he heard from many residents concerned about not being able to move during the winter, especially those who are elderly or have mobility issues.

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Hawkins added that he believes the city can handle enforcement with existing ordinance officers and other personnel.

“I also believe that almost all citizens will voluntarily or of their own free will clear their sidewalks,” he said.

“I don’t think law enforcement is a difficult problem here. I don’t think that’s the problem. I think the problem is making sure our sidewalks are clear for the elderly (and) people with physical challenges, city visitors, people who just want to get out and walk in COVID times during the winter, all those people can do it. safely, ”Hawkins added.

While he was disappointed that the motion was tabled at the Sept. 29 board meeting, Hawkins is hopeful that it will pass at Wednesday’s meeting.

Hawkins added that family members and children in the community can help older people or others who cannot clean their sidewalks, as well as the snow angels program.

“Nobody expects an old man who can’t clean his sidewalk to go out and do that. There will be ways to handle that program, ”Hawkins said.

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