Refrenda Mario Búcaro compromises with the new title of Minex de Guatemala

Pedro Brolo’s inauguration speech as Guatemala’s lawyer, Mario Búcaro, appointed Minister of External Relations in the cabinet of President Alejandro Giammatei.

Tras assumir el cargo, la monana de este martes, Búcaro Flores assurur que velará por les interestes de los migrant de su pais, asi com de fortalecimiento la la relations de Guatemala y los demas paises conforman el continente para continuan un un bilateral agenda .

“In my capacity as Minister of External Relations and cancellation of the Republic of Guatemala, I commend the confidence that the President, Alejandro Giammattei, has deposited with me to relocate to Guatemala as the epicenter of inversion and work in the country”.

As regards the Migrant Community, “our company manifesto and clear compromise on attending its needs as a matter of priority under the direct instruction of President Alejandro Giammattei, to constitute its Chief External Policy of Guatemala, the protection of the cities in the city exterior with emphasis on our diaspora in the EU, Mexico and Canada ”.

Traverse of a communiqué, the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency, informs that Mario Búcaro Flores is a career diplomat, who has served the nation as the extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Guatemala before the Mexican United States.

He has also been an ambassador of his countries in Mexico and Israel and has dedicated himself to the development of peace and the reduction of poverty in Latin America, Georgia, Bulgaria and Cyprus and is a notary and notary public at the University of Rafael Landívar.

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