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Nubia’s newest phone, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, does the unthinkable for an Android model by partially outperforming the best iPhone. And it does pretty well in terms of photos and connectivity, but it has a look that won’t please everyone and its interface is sometimes mysterious.

WE love

Let’s not beat around the bush, this is the first time that an Android phone has outperformed a recent iPhone, the iPhone 15 Pro here, in our Geebench 6 benchmarking tests, at least when it comes to processor power. The results :

Obviously, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro uses the full capacity of its processor, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which can count on 16 GB of RAM and, a distinctive detail of this range manufactured by Nubia since 2018, its fan which can rotate at 22,000 revolutions/ minute. Combined with its cooling system called ICE 13 which reduces the temperature of the device by 25 degrees Celsius, we have a device that we are not afraid to push for fear that it will heat up.

And according to our test it maintains a normal temperature at all times, whether during recharging, constant use for streaming and, above all, for video games.

Here we have, as the fine flies will have understood, a specialized telephone for video games. The interface, full of computer lettering and futuristic animation, tells us this from the outset. The 6500 mAh battery, capable of fast charging up to 80 watts, gave us a good 13 hours of continuous video streaming, approximately 5 hours of demanding video gaming, and more than two days of normal use, in standby mode 90% of the time.

We noticed a marked improvement in phone call quality compared to previous REDMAGIC models, which tended to give us voice with too much echo and not enough bass. The sound from our caller was excellent, although the position of the speaker was not very intuitive and we tended to hear it less as soon as we moved the phone.

Notable improvement also for the photo, as our comparison with an iPhone 15 Pro confirmed to us.

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro, compared to the iPhone 15 Pro

  • Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


    Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.

  • Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


    Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.

  • Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


    Three photo comparisons between the iPhone 15 Pro (left) and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.


Note here the detail and impeccable contrast of the photos provided by the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. This device, however, uses brightness correction extensively, to the point of distorting scenes captured on a gray Wednesday.

The screen sensitivity returned to 960 Hz, after this parameter was lowered somewhat in the latest models, which did not change the responsiveness blatantly. It remains far superior to the standard phones on the market. Obviously, testing a REDMAGIC means focusing above all on its ability to manage video games, all of which we find integrated into a sub-menu which appears – supporting light and sound effects – when you press a red button on the right side.

Of Gensin Impact has Call of Duty Passing by Dead by Daylight And PUBG Mobilewith a short stop at Angry Birds 2 And PS Remote Play, this phone first impresses with the speed of charging. It is at least half as much as on a “normal” device. We also notice his ability to quickly change settings, without perceptible delay, and to manage movements without a hitch. There are a few jolts in some transitions, but it is difficult to identify who is responsible, the server or the phone.

And there’s a whole world of extensions and finer adjustments waiting for the true expert, which we’ve barely touched. There is little doubt that this phone does admirably what is its primary mission, managing video games.

We obviously have a 3.5 mm jack, which has often only survived for video games. The 6.8-inch screen theoretically reaches 1600 nits, but the calibration available online places it closer to 1000 nits, which does not make it the champion in this category but remains far superior to Samsung’s standard bearers. and Apple. Identification is done by a fingerprint reader under the screen and by facial recognition. Both respond promptly.

The price of all this paraphernalia is respectable, starting at US$649 (CAN$881) for the base model, US$799 (CAN$1085) for the one we tested.

We like less

It was clearly necessary to cut some options to maintain a competitive price, and magnetic charging is the first of them. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is also not waterproof, at least not with lab certification.

Although the French interface is more satisfactory – we didn’t find any submenu that hadn’t been translated from English, a first for a REDMAGIC – we still struggled to find certain functions. In particular, it took us a good hour to remove the REDMAGIC watermark from the photos.

The design of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is clearly polarizing. Some love it, most non-gamers hate it. It’s square, with an animated light strip on the back, and seems oddly thick at 8.9mm, probably because of its angled shell.

One buys ?

Nubia is primarily aimed at this particular category of players who will satisfy their passion on the phone, with demanding games. For them, it is the best possible product, delivering without fail on its overdeveloped capabilities while remaining a good device for other uses.

It’s hard to see what a user who isn’t a “gamer” could do with all this power.


Manufacturer: Nubia

Price: US$649 (CAN$881) for the Sleet model (12 GB RAM, 256 GB storage) and US$799 (CAN$1,085) for the Cyclone and Snowfall models (16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage)

Rating: 8 out of 10

Visit the REDMAGIC 9 Pro official website


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