Red Utopia: Lost Dreams, premiere on TV Azteca

Ukraine, 2022. Historically besieged and subjected to join Soviet collectivism and later to prevent it from exercising its sovereignty and freedom. Now, invaded by Russia, headed by the same authoritarian government since the beginning of this century. History continually repeating itself?

Freedom, natural condition of human beings and their constant struggle. Limiting it is the great temptation of authoritarian rulers. His tool, collectivism that annuls each individual and gives way to suppress rights, free expression and the development of critical thinking. How is an authoritarian regime established?

In contrast, liberalism defends individual freedom, competition and the free market. Its vital attitude is equality before the law and tolerance, which is the basis of a solid rule of law, defender of the most basic freedoms: of association, worship, expression and the right to property.

Don’t miss the premiere of the fascinating documentary Red Utopía: Los Sueños Perdidos, where great thinkers and specialists reflect and debate supported by in-depth journalistic investigation and an audiovisual production at the level of the best in the world.

The appointment is this Saturday, March 12 at 5:00 p.m. on digital open television by adn40, on channel 1.2 of the Mexican Republic and 40.1 of the Valley of Mexico. Also enjoy it in real time online at and in our app available for free on iTunes and Play Store. Be part of this experience by participating in social networks with the hashtag #UtopíaRoja

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