Recycling plant inaugurated in Toluca, State of Mexico

With an investment of more than 470 million pesos, the plastic container development and manufacturing company ALPLA inaugurated its first high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycling plant in Toluca, State of Mexico.

The plant will have a capacity to process 20,000 tons of HDPE bottles used in household care, hygiene and beauty items, food and beverages, among others, and will produce 15,000 tons of recycled material ready to be reused.

In addition to its recycling capacity, ALPLArecycling Toluca will create more than 65 new direct jobs in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Toluca Valley and will have a significant impact on the activity of 10,000 jobs in the region.

This plant adds to the commitment that ALPLA has in Mexico since since 2005, the city of Toluca is home to the Mexican Recycling Industry (IMER), a joint venture between ALPLA Mexico, Coca-Cola Mexico and Coca-Cola Femsa), considered the first PET bottle-to-bottle recycling plant in Latin America.

Carlos Torres, General Director of ALPLA for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean announced that for the last quarter of 2022 an additional investment of 20 million euros will be made, which will double the initial capacity of the plant to process 40,000 tons of bottles and produce 30,000 tons of recycled material.

This infrastructure joins the Global Commitment to the New Plastic Economy, led by the United Nations Environment Program and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Globally, the company is committed to investing up to $ 60.5 million per year on average between 2021 and 2025 to expand its recycling activities. In total, the annual capacity of ALPLA’s recycling companies, joint ventures and partnerships amounts to approximately 130,000 tons of PET and 60,000 tons of Polyethylene.

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