Recyc-Québec says it is not surprised by the findings made by The newspaper in sorting centers and published in our Friday pages.

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Supporting photos, The newspaper demonstrated the multitude of objects that end up by mistake in recyclingsuch as bowling balls, syringes and a toilet.

“It doesn’t surprise me from the point of view of working with sorting centres. We have been doing awareness campaigns for several years. At this level, you have to make recurring efforts to remind people what is really going in the bin. Sometimes it’s not a bad intention on the part of people,” said Sophie Langlois-Blouin, Vice-President Operations Performance at Recyc-Québec.

“I never assume anyone’s bad intentions or bad faith. Sometimes, it can be an error between two bins, but what we see is that the vast majority of Quebecers participate in the collection of recyclable materials. They think it’s important and in that sense, they have to be encouraged to continue their efforts. »

Rejection rate

According to Recyc-Québec, in 2018, the quantities of materials rejected by sorting centers increased compared to 2015. In all, 114,000 tonnes of materials were rejected, or 11.4% of the materials received, compared to 91 000 tonnes (or 9.1%) in 2015.

“There are two elements that can influence rejection rates: materials that should not have ended up in the recycling bin and materials that have no outlet for recycling or recovery. »

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For example, markets are virtually non-existent for bags of chips, granola bar wrappers and applesauce pouches.

“I saw in the article the swimming pool steps. […] Just because it’s plastic doesn’t necessarily mean it goes in the bin. There are often other options for these subjects, such as the ecocentre,” she says.

Where are you going?

If in doubt, Blouin suggests consulting the application Where is it going?

In 2021, Recyc-Québec conducted a study which revealed that 97% of Quebecers said they used their recycling bin.

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