Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic challenge the agreement reached between LaLiga and CVC

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Club have decided to challenge the agreement reached between LaLiga and the CVC company, an agreement announced on August 12 at the La Liga Assembly in which 39 of the 42 clubs that make up the First and Second Division Spanish football were in favor of this agreement.

Important blow to the alliance that the CVC company and Javier Tebas have formed as president of the employer’s association. The three clubs that had been against the pact between the two destabilizing agents have decided to go with everything to try to overturn an agreement that violates the rights of all the teams that are part of professional football.

This agreement also represented a real disaster for national football since it was a way of mortgaging the economic interests of the competition in an exorbitant period of 50 years. For this reason, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic decided to reject this agreement.

Now they have taken legal action against this outrage that national football is suffering at the expense of the businesses that Javier Tebas intends to manage together with the CVC company through an agreement that even goes against Royal Decree-Law 5/2015 and that does not offer the Minimum required guarantees that must be enjoyed by all teams in the competition.

In this way, Real Madrid, Barça and Athletic have decided to activate a joint defense of their interests, which are actually the interests of all the teams present in the agreement approved at the aforementioned Assembly on August 12, and challenge an agreement that They consider it detrimental to La Liga and to the economic exploitation of Spanish football as a market product, especially audio-visual.

The three clubs have communicated said procedure at the same time through a joint official communiqué in which they show their actions and their intentions towards this agreement, the importance of which, especially for the duration of the agreement, is maximum for the interests of football and soccer. of Spanish sports:

“Athletic Club, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF communicate that they have challenged the agreement adopted by the LaLiga Assembly on August 12, 2021, regarding the operation between LaLiga and CVC, as it is an agreement that violates the provisions of the applicable regulations (and, in particular, among others, Royal Decree-Law 5/2015) and that was adopted within the framework of a notoriously irregular and disrespectful procedure with the minimum guarantees required for these purposes, especially in the face of an operation of such importance and duration “.

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