Reader’s Letter: Registered Nurses Definitely Improve Quality of Care at Hotel-Dieu Grace

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Re: Hotel-Dieu Grace’s Plan to Eliminate Up to 26 Nursing Jobs, by Dave Battagello, Nov 12

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It seems irrational to me to transfer the current burden of care at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to a future “stable and sustainable interprofessional model” that has yet to be designed.

By failing to fill existing vacant registered nursing positions, hospital spokeswoman Janice Dawson argues that this gap is an “opportunity” to reevaluate patient care.

But if the death toll reaches 20 percent of the nursing staff being eliminated, this would be alarming. There is already a high turnover rate due to stress and workload.

I agree with Ontario Nursing Association representative Vicki McKenna that the hospital is about to create a much more stressful work environment that will ultimately affect patients and their caregivers.

I am a victim of a car accident that suffered a traumatic brain injury. The target jobs being eliminated today are in complex hospital healthcare and rehabilitation units that support patients recovering from strokes, heart attacks, post-COVID-19 problems and head injuries.

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The progress I made during my time in these two units would not have been possible without the dedicated nurses who worked with me. His efforts gave me hope that one day he would be a survivor.

As budget constraints are also part of the rationale, ONA’s McKenna responds with research showing that “RN care improves patient outcomes and saves the system money in the long term by reducing patient complications.”

I am a living example that this statement is true as I was faced with the possibility of living the rest of my days in a nursing home. With the professional help of nurses, I turned the corner while in the hospital so I could go home and recover.

Over time, I became a productive member of society.

So how can these decisions improve recovery when there are fewer registered nurses? In any case, we need more. This plan is a very dangerous “model of care” for the needs of our community.

Kathy Labbe Worotny, Windsor

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