Reader letter: Windsor Regional employee expresses gratitude to boss

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Many thanks to Windsor Regional CEO David Musyj.

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In these days of uncertainty and stress, it’s nice to know when someone has your back. It’s even nicer when that someone happens to be your employer.

My wife and are both RNs working at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Ouellette campus, although we live quite a long distance outside of Windsor.

With the threat of a recent massive snowfall looming, the added stress of worrying about driving to and from work was an unwelcome guest in our minds.

The day before the storm was to arrive, all staff received an email from CEO David Musyj offering to reimburse any staff for the cost of a hotel room to avoid having to drive home and return to work during the storm’s length.

My wife and I graciously accepted the offer and took up residence in the city for two nights thanks to the generosity of our employer. The shorter drive to and from work was significantly less stressful.

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In return, we did our best to “pay it forward” to staff at local restaurants during our stay.

Hats off to you, Mr. Musyj, and to all of the management team at Windsor Regional for demonstrating that compassion.

David Chevalier, Amherstburg

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