Reader letter: Hotel needed on east end, not more residential units

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Re: Farhi pitches two nine-storey residential towers, by Brian Cross, Jan 7

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It was disappointing to read that Farhi is rethinking the plan of building a hotel on the Lauzon Road site and instead replacing it with more residential units.

I feel east Windsor and Tecumseh are saturated with new residential developments. Who are the people that are going to fill in all those spaces? Rent prices have skyrocketed and wages have not increased.

Some form of the COVID-19 virus is likely to stay here. In two to three years, we will have a new “normal” lifestyle.

The WFCU arena will be fully open for business and tourists will need a place to stay. Outdoor festivals will again flourish.

Not all families have the space for relatives to bunker over night, so people will need accommodations.

The new hospital off Highway 42 will also eventually be built.

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The only hotel in the east end is the new Holiday Inn in Lakeshore. The rest are either downtown, in South Windsor or near the airport. The east end of Windsor needs a hotel, not more residential towers.

Dana Giedriunas, Tecumseh

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