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Can anyone explain the sudden surge of self-checkouts in our local businesses?

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There was a time when you would go to a grocery store and have your items bagged in a container that didn’t cost you.

Now when you go, not only do you have to pay for that bag, but you’re expected to place those items in that bag after checkout.

If that wasn’t enough responsibility put on the shopper let’s get them to scan their own groceries, too.

What’s the big deal getting cashiers to scan? Is it any wonder why people are choosing online shopping? Perhaps it is because the customer service is a better experience. When I see self-checkouts, I see the loss of jobs. I personally refuse to use them.

When I don’t have the availability of a cashier when I’m ready to check out, I will leave my items and go to a store that offers better customer services.

I urge others to consider the same.

All these savings by management certainly has not lowered our costs of goods — just the number of jobs for our workforce.

Bring back customer service.

Kerry BirchWindsor

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