Reader letter: Consequences of blockades never considered by those involved

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The recent truck blockades at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor and in Ottawa I feel were not legitimate protests against mandates and COVID-19 restrictions.

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Restrictions and mandates for the most part during this pandemic have been provincial, not federal.

There appeared to be no identifiable leadership or spokesperson for these illegal mob blockades, especially in Windsor.

COVID-19 restrictions and mandates were also scheduled to be relaxed very soon.

It was a fact that truckers must be vaccinated to travel into the US, not just into Canada. It was also a fact a large majority of Canadian international truckers were already vaccinated, while several trucking associations were also opposed to these blockades.

What we had in my view was a disorganized and random gang of people disrupting life for citizens in both Ottawa and Windsor for no legitimate reason.

The actions by these groups, which included children in attendance, having barbecues, playing street hockey and socializing, seemingly had no other interest in anything but their own entertainment and ability to infringe on everyone else’s freedom.

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It’s also worth mentioning there appeared to be US right wing and professional agitators inserting themselves into these actions.

The consequences we ended up with included laid off autoworkers, auto supplier shutdowns, merchandise of every description rotting in trucks, inability to get medical supplies and medications, while several Windsor small businesses already suffering due to COVID-19 were also further impacted.

They also gave manufacturers a reason to take their business to Mexico or US plants.

Did these groups not think of the long-term effects of their actions?

Cecilia Thibault, Windsor

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