Reader letter: Blockade-style protests must come to an end

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I want to first state how I am an adamant supporter of our Windsor police unit. I have nothing but the highest respect for our chief of police and her force.

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But we had an opportunity during the recent Huron Church Road blockade to show the world the rule of law does not take a back seat to any position.

Our mayor, who is also a member of our bar, I believe was among those who failed to see this.

The fallout from the blockade in Ottawa will not be as severe as blocking North America’s busiest trade crossing.

Further, we are a union town. What message did you send to the unions when it is their time to protest? Have we given them a blueprint for future protests?

We are a democratic and peaceful society. Our opportunity to make changes comes at the voting booth — not at the discretion of those seeking opportunities to deteriorate our democracy.

It is time to stop these types of protest actions — period.

Joe Michael, Windsor

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