Rayo Vallecano, the joke and the silence, by Ana Bernal-Triviño

After discovering the message from the coach of the women’s Rayo Vallecano, where he encouraged sexual assault on a woman to maintain team spirit, we have had many headlines, statements from the players and support from the fans for them. I remember when in a gathering, a journalist told me that rape culture did not exist. Beyond showing his ignorance in a concept more than accredited in the social sciences, that journalist showed that he was not even aware because a large part of society participates in it. And there are two important concepts that these days demonstrate it. Qualify that reflection as a “joke & rdquor; and the silence that covers everything.

To say that this phrase was a joke is, in truth, a joke in bad taste. They think they can fool us. Humor is not done downwards, because then it is not humor but a show of power and humiliation. That is why, four years ago, it did not occur to him to propose attacking a male colleague from his team or from another, because we are below, to be raped. If it had been that threat to another player, or any other type of message, like assaulting older people, there would be no one to keep silent or excuse it. Banalizing a crime is part of rape culture, because it lowers it, devalues ​​it and it devalues ​​us as women, normalizing violence.

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From there, the second part of that culture: silence. From those who attended that WhatsApp message and that nobody failed, until today, with the silence of the club and other sports entities. There are those who even worry about him, about his future as a coach, as if we had to take responsibility for his words. They say that this is being a nightmare for the entity. No, statements like this are still a nightmare for us. Because they limit our freedom and dignity. In the world of football and many others, We do not want to pose the next 8-M. We don’t want any more hypocrisy.


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