Ray-Mont Logistiques: the work was well and truly compliant

New twist in the saga surrounding the site of Ray-Mont Logistiques, a company in eastern Montreal. In an about-face, the ministry confirms that the company did indeed have authorizations to carry out certain works, three days after having asked for it to be stopped.

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“Ray-Mont can continue the activities which are not concerned by the notice of non-compliance which was served on it on April 4, 2022”, explained, by email, the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against climate change (MELCC).

According to the ministry’s explanations, the company therefore has the necessary authorizations to store and package dismantling materials. It can also carry out land rehabilitation works, development of a “running surface with asphalt surface”, as well as the construction of four railway tracks and a screen wall at the eastern, southern and western boundaries. .

However, the authorizations issued in the past do not allow the company to construct buildings or allow the installation of a possible intermodal platform, a project for which it had initially acquired the land.

“The MELCC closely monitors the file to ensure the compliance of the work carried out by the company. To this end, a follow-up inspection of the notice of non-compliance issued will make it possible to assess whether the company complies with the notice of compliance,” the ministry also explained.

On March 16, Ray-Mont Logistiques began work to install drainage pipes. The company then explained that it had been forced to act to retain its rights to the land, the City having refused to extend the validity period of its building permits.

During a press briefing on March 28 in Montreal, Minister Benoit Charrette indicated, in response to a journalist’s question about the start of work on the Ray-Mont Logistiques site, that “it’s not not required, to have government authorizations for this type of operation.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC) had indicated, in a press release, that Ray-Mont Logistiques should have obtained authorization from the government before starting its work, asking for it to be stopped.

On Friday morning, the company had published a press release to “rectify the facts and correct serious factual errors”, indicating that “all the work carried out on its land has obtained the required authorizations and that no non-compliant work is in progress. Classes”.

“The company ensures that current operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Ray-Mont Logistiques has always had the will to comply with the regulations in force”, declared the company in particular.

On Tuesday, the mayor declared that the work stoppage was “good news” for citizens. Faced with this reversal, his cabinet indicates that it understands and shares the concerns of the citizens of the district.

“We are currently working to find solutions with the two other levels of government to minimize nuisances and preserve green spaces. We are determined to find concrete solutions to better develop the sector,” said Marikym Gaudreault, press secretary to the mayor.

No BAPE evaluation

In addition, the office of Benoit Charette, Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC), revealed that the company would not have to be submitted to the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement ( BAPE).

“When located in an industrial zone, projects such as that of Ray-Mont Logistiques are explicitly excluded by regulation from the environmental impact assessment and review procedure that leads to the BAPE,” explained Rosalie Tremblay- Cloutier, Minister’s Press Attaché.

The latter could nevertheless have used his discretionary power to force the company to go through this procedure, which he does not intend to do.

“The ministry has determined that ministerial permission is required due to the noise that will be generated by the project and therefore the project should be halted until appropriate noise abatement measures can be established,” added Mrs. Tremblay-Cloutier.

According to his explanations, the Minister believes that the process in place will already make it possible to minimize the impact of Ray-Mont Logistiques’ activities on the environment.

A long saga

In 2016, Ray-Mont Logistiques acquired the land with the aim of building an “intermodal logistics platform”, while it specializes in the transhipment of goods between ships and trains.

However, its efforts were met with a refusal from the borough, which refused to grant it a building permit, which the company contested in court.

After two victories in its favour, Ray-Mont Logistiques again turned to the courts to demand compensation of $373 million for losses due to the delay in obtaining permits.


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