Rappi sees greater effects on small restaurants due to tax in CDMX

The platform delivery Rappi will prioritize its investments outside of Mexico City due to the new 2% tax for digital messaging platforms that was approved by the local Congress at the proposal of the Claudia Sheinbaum government.

Alejandro Solís, director of Rappi In Mexico, he said that this new tax “on the use of the streets” will affect especially smaller restaurants, because the cost of this type of service could increase, which would reduce demand.

The Congress of Mexico City approved, as part of the Economic Package for the year 2022, the addition to the local tax code of article 307 TER, through which 2% of the “total amount (of sales), before taxes, for each delivery of individuals or legal entities that operate, use and / or administer applications and / or computer platforms for control, programming and / or geolocation on fixed or mobile devices, through which users can contract the delivery of parcels , food, provisions or any type of merchandise with delivery in the territory of the capital ”.

The capital city authorities have insisted that this charge is not a tax or a contribution, but of a right to take advantage of the infrastructure that are supposedly carried out by courier and parcel companies that operate through technological platforms.

Industry and legal associations have warned that, as the proposal is drafted, this use is more of a tax on e-commerce companies for using city streets to transport their goods.

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