Rappi, Netflix and Uber, everyday online expenses in Mexico

People who make payments online on a daily basis in Mexico usually do so in home delivery services, such as Rappi, UberEats and Didi Food; on streaming platforms, What Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max and in on-demand transport applications, such as Uber, DiDi, Cabify O Beat, according to a survey conducted by PayPal and Edelman.

According to the analysis, carried out from online surveys of 1,040 people in Mexico, while, before the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, half of the respondents (51.4%) ordered prepared food on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis; During confinement, this figure increased to 80% and at least 68.8% of those interviewed plan to continue asking for their food with this frequency.

Something similar happened in the case of transport platforms, because before the Covid-19 pandemic, 61.9% of people who spend online used these services on a daily, monthly or biweekly basis and during the pandemic this figure increased to reach 73.9%, despite mobility restrictions and encouraged by fear of using public transport. Up to 67.3% of online shoppers plan to continue using these services this often.

The entertainment platforms, which include both video and music streaming applications, as well as the purchase of on-demand content, have also experienced an increase in their use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the frequency in the payment of these applications is monthly, the number of its users went from 51.4 to 53.4% ​​and the percentage of people who make expenses of this type on a daily, weekly and biweekly basis also increased.

The same happened within the applications that are used to order the supermarket or the pharmacy at home, which one of the largest growths among all categories, going from 46.1 to 73.3% of people who order the supermarket or their medicines in a way daily, biweekly or monthly, although the total population in Mexico that does this is less than in the case of other services. However, 64.1% of those surveyed plan to continue using these platforms on a daily basis when the pandemic passes.

Video games also saw an increase in the frequency of spending by online buyers in Mexico and although the purchase of tickets for face-to-face events fell due to the suspension of activities, many people plan to buy more and more these tickets through the internet with the economic reopening. In the future, within five years, digital buyers in Mexico want to pay for their services (water, electricity and cell phones), education and fuel through the internet.

Debit and smartphones, kings of the internet

The average ticket (average expense) that Mexican consumers make for this type of everyday digital purchases is 200 pesos and the majority (84.6%) are made through a debit card. It is followed by credit card payments (56.3%) and payments through digital platforms, such as PayPal and Mercadopago, which are used with a frequency of 50.6 percent.

Smartphones or smartphones also remain the preferred devices for making an online purchase. At least half of those surveyed by PayPal and Edelman They said they always shop online through these types of devices, followed by laptops and tablets.

Despite inflationary pressures and lower growth expectations in Mexico, executives at Edelman and PayPal They think that digital expenses in categories such as transportation, food and entertainment are here to stay because they have become essential expenses for Mexicans connected to the internet.

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