Puebla, Pue. The Agricultural State Council (Ceagro) considered it important to promote the construction of three slaughterhouses with Federal Inspection Type (TIF) certification to stop the depreciation of up to 30% of the cost of meat to the detriment of ranchers, especially in the northern part of the state, where they are forced to carry out the slaughter in non-certified facilities, whose product can only be destined for markets or supply centers.

Arturo Con Villa, president of the organization, mentioned that although Puebla It is among the first five places in the country in production of pork or beef, this contrasts with only having four certified spaces in the 217 municipalities, while in Jalisco there are 24 TIF slaughterhouses.

He indicated that a producer from the north of the state cannot travel five hours with his cattle to the downtown area to slaughter and obtain meat that he can sell to self-service stores or gourmet restaurants, since it represents a high cost.

The leader specified that it is necessary to support this sector with more certified spaces, which may be located in strategic regions in terms of logistics, which represents benefits in gasoline savings.

Only 15% of the producers in the north of the state sell meat through self-service stores, but they must take the cattle to Veracruz to make the sacrifice, where there are more TIF traces, which represents more expenses for the sacrifice and packaging, he explained.

He commented that with at least two slaughterhouses, ranchers can aspire to look for other markets in neighboring states such as Oaxaca, Veracruz, but especially in Mexico City, since in the capital of the country there is a high demand for meat and that represents advantages because of the proximity.

“The years go by and we don’t see when the agricultural authorities will be interested in supporting the construction of more TIF slaughterhouses, which contribute to having better cuts of meat to offer directly to self-service stores and restaurants,” he said.

Con Villa commented that the covid-19 pandemic postponed several requests for the agricultural sectoreven some were left in the window to receive resources, so it is necessary to re-enter requests.

He explained that an important investment is required, to which the ranchers They would be willing to support with a percentage to have more certified slaughterhouses, since they know that it benefits them mainly in terms of entering self-service chains.

He considered that the return on investment is certain, due to the high consumption of meat in Mexico, but it depends on the will of the governments to promote these projects.

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