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The former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy has defended that “it is convenient not to generate any doubt” about the future of Catalonia: “There will not be never, whoever the Prime Minister is, a referendum from independence, because it is illegal because sovereignty corresponds to all Spaniards, to all without exception “.

And he has also argued that “with the sole objective of buying time, too many problems should not be created” because “it would be a mistake to generate false expectations about the holding of the referendum; it would only create frustration and confrontation.”

The former president of the Government and the PP has harshly criticized the Government of Pedro Sánchez during the 17th congress of the PPdeG that this Saturday has re-elected for the fifth time Alberto Núñez Feijóo as their leader.

“A referendum for independence and exercising the right of self-determination goes against the Constitution Spanish, against the laws “, has insisted Rajoy, for whom the” only sensible policy “in Catalonia is that” all those who have to make decisions to make a better Catalonia, with more growth, with more employment, with better services and with more concordia“.

On the health crisis, Rajoy has advocated that “everyone put what they have to put on their part”, “a little bit of prudence” since you cannot ask the Government for everything, but it has also asked for more vaccines.

“And if there is no vaccines or they are not put up quickly enough because that is what the Government of Spain is for, to put solutions in difficult moments like others did, “he added.

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In addition, he has called to face the crisis economical, and has pointed out that “the recipe for more spending, more taxes and more regulation never got anyone out of the crisis.”

Rajoy asks that the expansionary policies of the first moment be followed by structural reforms to “reduce the deficit” because the EU, the Bank of Spain says so “experience and common sense”, while it has condemned that what is being done is “to go back”, as in the case of pensions.

Rajoy sees “too much trouble” and “too much policy of tweets, headlines and propaganda” in the Government, in addition to “problems inside and outside”, with the Tribunal Supreme and the Constitutional.

“And there is too much kick to the dictionary, the todes, the children, too much kick to the dictionary, too much artist of the language in the Council of Ministers”, has ugly Rajoy.

“If they don’t do what needs to be done and they don’t do it well, we’ll do it later,” Rajoy has settled, lamenting the “precious” time lost with Sánchez at Moncloa.

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