We’re entering the phase where our forecast rain values ​​are becoming a little more defined – and now, they’re headed the other way. Where previously we saw activity branching into Friday, it’s swung back to Saturday evening and looks to become more significant overnight into Sunday.

But first, the lead-up.

Wednesday and Thursday’s forecast highs remain the warmest of the week, and the wind is the culprit in both instances. Gusts this afternoon will pick in the low-40s, and tomorrow afternoon, the low 50s are possible. Enhance those numbers by 10-20 km/h south of Calgary.

With our precipitation potential drying up Friday (and only a remote chance remaining for a trickle of showers), that one’s now a touch cloudier than before, with a shot at 20 C.

Sunday’s rainfall forecast continues to register at least 15 millimeters by midnight, when factoring in a mid-afternoon start Saturday. A couple of models are also rendering ongoing showers from Monday out to Wednesday.

Enjoy the back patio Friday, but get those cushions in.



  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 22C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 8 C


  • mostly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 22C
  • Evening: shower risk, low 9 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 19C
  • Evening: clearing, low 6 C


  • Rain
  • Daytime high: 10C
  • Evening: clearing, low 5 C


  • Rain
  • Daytime high: 9C
  • Evening: clearing, low 1C

Yesterday’s pic of the day is back in the rankings here; Marlene snapped a brilliant photo of a great gray owl!

Viewer Marlene’s gray gray owl pic.

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