Railways ask to analyze the relevance of using passenger freight lanes

The return of passenger trains in Mexico proposed by the current federal government faces, among other challenges: the use of cargo infrastructure and the elimination of subsidies.

Last Friday, the director of the Mexican Association of Railways (AMF), Iker de Luisa, asked the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) to participate in the technical analysis on the possibility of using freight train tracks to climb in them passenger trains, in which the actors involved participate, since they are segments that require their own space.

“We consider the discussion of new passenger rail projects very relevant, but we also need aspects such as: not compromising demand capacity and operation of the freight rail, present or future. To think about these projects, it must be clear that cargo handling is a strategic factor for the country and that for this reason its transit is a priority ”, he said.

In a forum organized by the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico (CICM), on the occasion of the Railroad Day, the manager proposed, if applicable, to contemplate a consideration of the passenger trains to the freight railway concessionaires appropriate to the cost and maintenance of infrastructure for its use. During this year, the SICT has attempted to initiate various pre-investment studies for the return of passenger trains using concessioned infrastructure for cargo service.

Avoid passenger subsidies

Among the direct listeners of the AMF director was the SICT Undersecretary of Infrastructure, Jorge Nuño, who did not comment on the petition, but did respond to the question about what the federal government is doing to reduce the subsidies that are must deliver to passenger trains.

“Passenger trains are not financially profitable, globally, they need support. One of the things we have found is the strategy of generating income through the sale of commercial areas in the stations and urban integration that generates greater added value and integrating it into the project ”.

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