Rafuel’s easy recipes: migas with chorizo ​​and bacon

  • The veteran and popular ‘influencer’, with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram (@TheFreak), delights us every 15 days with a simple and tasty dish like these crumbs with chorizo ​​and bacon

Rafuel re-light the stove for ‘Cata Mayor’, the gastronomic channel of El Periódico de Catalunya and Prensa Ibérica. Every 15 days, the veteran and expert chef delights us with his know-how in the kitchen with Simple, tasty, grateful dishes that are extremely successful, “always with market products, zero kiometer and kitchen tools that we all have at home”, as he says. In this second installment, prepare some migas with chorizo ​​and yummy bacon.

“I have put a bit of spicy chorizo ​​in it, but this is to the consumer’s taste”, warns this popular amateur chef, happy with the result of his recipe: “A super dish”, sums up the chef rightly while crowning the elaboration with an egg fried.

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With more than 600,000 followers on Instagram (@TheFreak), has become one of the 10 most important gastronomic ‘influencers’ in Spain, which has allowed him to publish, this year, the book ‘Rafuel. My best recipes’ (Planeta Gastro).


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