Quintana Roo Congress approves 2022 Economic Package for 34,611 million pesos

Cancun, QR. The Congress of Quintana Roo approved the 2022 Economy Package for an amount of 34,611 million 211,821 pesos, with which the works corresponding to the first ordinary period of sessions of the third year of fiscal year were closed.

The amount is just a little higher than the Expenditure Budget for 2021, which was 33,860 million 864,890 pesos, that is, in 2022 only 750 million will be exercised, 346,931 pesos more than in the year that is about to end.

Among what is approved are municipal income laws, that is, the budget that the 11 municipalities of the state will receive. In the case of Tulum 871 million 815,534 pesos were assigned to him; Lazaro Cardenas 318 million 991,846 pesos; Benito Juarez 4,476 million 387,383 pesos and Women Island with 437 million 800 thousand 322 pesos.

Cozumel expects income in the amount of 648 million 484,780 pesos, Puerto Morelos, 493 million 995,974; Jose Maria Morelos you will get 314 million 810,932; Bacalar will receive 316 million 135,712; Othón P. Blanco, 976 million 130,808; while Solidaridad will exercise 2,707 million 986,462 pesos.

In ordinary session number 33, a reorientation of 51.4 million pesos was also approved; as well as the reforms to the Finance Law, the Rights Law, the Payroll Tax Law, the Alcoholic Beverages Law and the State Tax Code.

In accordance with what was approved, an amount of 50 million pesos was reduced to Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo corresponding to the item of expenses of the electoral process 2022 and an amount of 1 million 400,000 pesos from the State Human Rights Commission.

In this sense, it is specified in the opinion that 4 million 500,000 pesos are reassigned to the Electoral Court of Quintana Roo (Teqroo) and 3 million 300,000 pesos to the Administrative Justice Court.

Likewise, an additional amount of 13 million pesos was assigned to the Judiciary that will be used to comply with the reform in labor matters, reforms of the Alternative Justice Law and for the implementation of transparency mechanisms for the publication of sentences.

An amount of additional 15 million pesos was assigned to the State Health Services, exclusively for the acquisition of mammography and complementary equipment required for the implementation of the program for the timely detection of breast cancer for women under 40 years of age.

In the same way, 3 million 700,000 pesos were assigned to the State Health Services for the implementation of the program called Becas por la Vida, which consists of social assistance for young people under 18 years of age without social rights and with a suspicion or diagnosis of cancer, can be transferred to continue their care and treatment.

In addition, it was determined to assign an additional 3 million pesos to the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment (SEMA), for the implementation of the project “Conservation and Management of Crocodiles in Urban Wetlands of Cancun-Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.”


On the other hand, in the budget earmarked for the specific Weight by Weight program of the Ministry of Agricultural, Rural and Fisheries Development (Sedarpe), an additional amount of 8 million 100,000 pesos was assigned.

Finally, an additional 800,000 pesos were allocated to the Support Program for Mayan Dignitaries of the Institute for the Development of the Mayan People and Indigenous Communities, which should be allocated in social support consisting of expenses for health and funeral services.

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