“Qui vol perreo?”: Rauw Alejandro surprises speaking Catalan at a concert

This Saturday, June 11, the RCDE Stadium of Cornellà (Barcelona) was filled with fans of urban music, who attended the concert ‘Oh my goal!’ organized by LaLiga, in which they acted Raww AlexanderJuan Magan, Steve Aoki, Maria Becerra and Bizarrap.

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One of the surprises of the event was seeing Rauw Alejandro -singer of hits like ‘Todo de Ti’ and partner of Rosalia-, pronounce a few words in Catalan: “I am from Puerto Rico, but Barcelona is now the meva ciutat”, “Are the unmarried couples in the house?” or “Qui vol perreo? & rdquor ;, were some of the phrases that she pronounced, before the shouts and applause of the 23,000 people present.

The moment has been shared on social networks, and many users have praised Rosalía for having taught their language mother to the Puerto Rican singer: “Rosalía is educating him well” or “Rosalía is the best volunteer for the language & rdquor ;, are some of the comments that the video.

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