Queues about e-commerce on Twitter created up to 450% during the pandemic

The social red Twitter supera por mucho a la Federal Procuraduria del Consumidor (Profeco), the authority that defines consumers in Mexico, as the channel preferred by people to channel queues against companies that sell on the internet, as Amazon, Walmart, El Palacio de Hierro y Free Market.

In the middle of the sanitary emergence provoked by the Covid-19in May of 2020, the queues against these companies on Twitter created 449%, according to the study “100,000 tweets and queues in electronic commerce during the pandemic”, conducted by the civil organization Tec-Check and the University of the American People (UDLAP ).

The study shows the results of the analysis of 100,000 cases in which consumers are concerned about problems with digital purchases in Amazon, Claro Shop, El Palacio de Hierro, The Home Depot, Liverpool, Free Market y Walmart. The investigation also considers those who are concerned about consumers’ mentions and etiquette of the Profeco’s account in the social network.

The investigation found 19,928 people against these minorities on Twitter who also mentioned the Profeco, in front of the 9,439 queues that were formally ante the procuration. The queues in front of the authority represent less than the meeting of the queues in the tribunal of the social speeches.

“It can mean that consumers do not confide in the work of the Professional”, said Max Murk, founder of the organization of the civil society Tec-check, which is dedicated to orienting and helping consumers to be able to defend their rights. to the companies.

In 2020, sales on the line will increase to 81%, the largest increase recorded since the Mexican Sale of Online Association (AMVO) in the midst of the evolution of the sector. Minority e-commerce represents during this year 9% of the total sales of the sector.

Instagram: informal market

The Tec-Check studio and the UDLAP are based on the fact that Twitter has an application programming interface (API) that allows you to extract the information before it can be analyzed. Do not correct the same in the case of Facebook e Instagramwhere academics can not analyze the posts of users without the help of Meta (antes Facebook Inc).

In agreement with Murk, this problem is aggravated and is considered to be practically all sales that are realized through social red Instagram as Instagram leads to informal commerce, an appreciation that was realized before the Consumer Prosecutor, Ricardo Sheffield, when he confirmed buy on Facebook was like buying on the tianguis.

“Yo digo que es una cancha sin reglas, sin aviso de privacidad, sin diferentes formas de pago”, dijo Murk.

Digital break

During the presentation of the studio, Philippe Boulanger, President of the Internet Association of Mexico (AI Mx), defended the e-commerce companies to ensure that sales on the Internet allow a process of retraining between businesses and customers.

“It is very important to monitor the queues of the companies”, says Boulanger, for whom it is necessary to establish cooperation schemes between the authorities, companies and the civil society to validate the communications between the businesses and its customers.

According to the president of the association that agrees with digital companies, one of the reasons why the queens in contrast to companies of electronic commerce created in May 2020 because Mexico saw a digital acceleration in just a few months, which is obligatory many companies are implementing an intangible digital policy.

Tec-Check proposes as a solution to attend the queues that users have created in social networks, in conjunction with the Professor and the companies, an analysis platform that allows to identify queues involved in e-commerce in platforms such as Twitter, Facebook e Instagram.

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