Questions to the wind

I have the concern of asking a series of questions about things that I do not know, either due to lack of preparation, or because I do not know who to contact, or because those who could answer them are not interested in formulating the pertinent answers. Hence the title of my column that is inspired by the Bob Dylan song whose message is that the answer is in the wind.

The first questions are related to the Tax Miscellany 2022 that will force all persons of legal age to register in the Public Registry of Taxpayers (RFC) even if they do not have a work activity. Is it also mandatory for people with disabilities? Have you thought about implementing the registration easily, without bureaucracy, without having to resort to an accountant?

Other questions, in the portal of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) is published from the Fiscal Miscellany of 2014, the obligation of the provider or service provider to deliver an invoice to their clients, why are there companies that “ignoring” this provision oblige the customer – who is left – to bill online, which, most of the time, is complicated or, practically, impossible to do? Where do businesses that, despite this duty, refuse to issue invoices are reported; Your employees claiming that they are orders from the boss, the manager or the accountant?

Following questions: How many days a week does Alejandro Gertz Florero go to dispatch in his office of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), sorry, Manero? If you do attend, how many hours do you work per day?

During the pandemic, the city government allowed to operate outdoors, with a healthy distance between tables and restaurants, occupying sidewalks, leaving minimal space for pedestrians, as well as parking strips and a lane above the vehicular stream, except on primary roads, bicycle lanes and exclusive public transport lanes. The question is: Now that the traffic light is green and the influx of diners can be normal, are the restaurateurs going to continue using these spaces?

The United States Geological Survey places Mexico among the 10 nations with the largest reserves of lithium, a mineral called “white gold” or “the oil of the 21st century.” There is a Canadian company that already has a concession in our country and is preparing to exploit and export the mineral. My questions are: Will there be more concessions to foreign and private companies in exchange for a plate of lentils as has happened with other minerals? Will a state company govern its management as was done with oil, which generated Pemex being a source , inextinguishable, of corruption? Can it be marketed in a mixed way? Hopefully, our governments – the current one and the following ones – have the wisdom to operate this wealth that belongs to all of us, as Norway did with its oil and that is why it is one of the most prosperous and just countries in the world. The political comedian “Palillo” said that if the Mexican government were to manage the Sahara desert in six years there would be a shortage of sand.

Why do those who think that AMLO’s government is a bad government oppose the revocation of the mandate? It would be the occasion to get rid of him, right?

Without a doubt, the “Sembrando vida” program is a good idea. How many years will it take for the millions of trees planted to grow? Meanwhile, what is done to contain the exploitation of our forests that are devastated with impunity by loggers?

Why does President López Obrador feel animosity for the middle class who fight to move forward, with dignity, our families? Why his tepid response – “I’m not getting into it” – when asking for a comment about Peña Nieto and his luxurious stay in Rome?

Will my team, the Lion, remain among the first four places to play directly in the Mexican soccer league?

Manuel Ajenjo

Writer and television scriptwriter

The Privilege of Opinion

Mexican television scriptwriter. Known for having made the scripts for programs such as Salad de Locos, La carabina de Ambrosio, La Güereja and something else, El privilegio de command, among others.

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