Questions for the future

With the news of the new variant of Covid-19, omicron, several doubts arise that once again flood all spheres of human activity and although they do not panic, they do worry and remind us that the world is still in a state of sanitary fragility.

Changes in human activity during the last 19 months have accelerated the use and need for more and better telecommunications services for all sectors of the population in practically every corner of the world.

The questions for the future that still prevail are:


Experts assure that viruses such as covid and other similar health threats will remain a constant in the future. Could we assume that the use of masks and other precautions will be the norm? For how long? How long will the effect of the vaccines last? Should we reinforce the dose ad infinitum? What rights do we have as humans to decide this without having our basic rights blocked?

Online schooling:

To what extent and for how long will online human activity prevail over face-to-face activity? When will normality return to the classroom? What effects will online schooling have on the psychological and emotional development of children and young people? Who will be responsible for dictating a healthy balance between online school activities, physical and social activities? Can minors be punished or forced to accept this reality?

Business and trade:

Trade and business activities will undoubtedly continue to trend upward online. How will this change the real estate context for commercial and office land uses? Where will real estate investments evolve if these markets stop growing? Who will survive as face-to-face commerce? Under what new rules or conditions to operate?


The pandemic also exponentially accelerated online and virtual entertainment. What will happen to the billions of square meters occupied by movie theaters? What will happen to the billions of square meters occupied by stadiums and auditoriums? Are we really prepared as a race to prefer one-on-ones with our screens? To what extent will the gaming industry prevail over board games or the most innocent neighborhood games? Will future youth and adults develop skills for healthy socialization?

Without a doubt these and many more questions flood the minds of children, adolescents and adults. Entrepreneurs, politicians, academics, religious leaders, medical personnel, musicians, actors, athletes, etc. But above all, all human beings, all with minds, bodies and souls hungry for answers that perhaps no one knows today.

Antonio Aja

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