The content of the Mexican foreign policy of the current government is not even an unknown quantity.

The Economist requested information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) on the progress of the Global Agreement with the European Union a year and a half ago. As of today, Thursday, June 23, 2022, he has not received any information.

Secretary Marcelo Ebrard has not even traveled to Brussels for a single day to streamline the approval process. It is incredible that his absence in Brussels occurs at a critical moment in AMLO’s relationship with the European Parliament and with Spain.

Is President López Obrador not interested in approving the Global Agreement with the European Union? Are you bothered by sections of the agreement that have to do with human rights?

Senate President Olga Sánchez Cordero was in Brussels last week supposedly to review the issue of the agreement. What has happened in the AMLO government so that the president of the Senate has replaced Marcelo Ebrard or Tatiana Clouthier?

A few weeks ago, Carmen Moreno Toscano, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, also traveled to Brussels. What were the results of the visit?

Requesting information from the European Commission has been easier and more efficient than the non-response of the SRE; chatting with several European ambassadors has been more illustrative than the silence of SRE.

In March or April of last year, an SRE official promised El Economista that there would be information, but after several weeks of waiting, the promise was diluted. Of course, the novelty this week is the promotion of Secretary Ebrard’s WhatsApp: “5515025360 my what’s up to be communicated. If they want to send a message, I’ll read them. Good week!!” This is what Secretary Ebrard wrote on his Twitter account.

The reporter from El Economista who covers the source of SRE, Perla Pineda, does not see in the chat that she has with the social communication area of ​​the federal agency the slightest interest in sending information about it.

Discrimination of information is normal: abundant to friends and little or none to non-friends. I know from experience. Not many years ago I was deputy director general of the communication area at the SRE.

In this six-year term, an SRE official signed one of those intellectual clowns who star in talk shows on television to “accuse me” with Carmen Aristegui about my “sources of information.” The intellectual pawn did not know that I worked in the SRE and during that stage I had the fortune to meet dozens of diplomats. With several of them I keep good friendship.

The intellectual clown told Carmen Aristegui that I am a friend of Martha Bárcena and Agustín Gutiérrez Canet. Indeed, he was not wrong. But he failed to give her a list of at least 15 active ambassadors.

There is nothing more pathetic than seeing an intellectual working to get along with Marcelo Ebrard. A supposedly progressive intellectual turned into a pawn of power.

Now that 5515025360 exists, it would be worth asking Secretary Ebrard the following: Did any SRE official help Andrés Roemer to escape to Israel when there was already an arrest warrant against him for various accusations of rape and sexual abuse of women?

It would be worth clarifying that episode. The SRE claims to be an entity in favor of gender equality and claims to exercise feminist diplomacy, despite the fact that AMLO has never stated it, and it is he who dictates the country’s foreign policy.

For now, Undersecretary Toscano ends a work trip with members of the Egyptian dictatorship. Our good relationship with Maduro and Díaz-Canel is bearing fruit.


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