Querétaro, platform for protected agriculture

Queretaro, Qro. In the center of the country, Querétaro is forged as a benchmark for the development of protected horticulture in the country, said the general director of Tarsus México, José Navarro Meneses, during the second edition of GreenTech Americas, a meeting of protected agriculture that is based in the state.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Queretaro entity, Mauricio Kuri González, stressed that the central state is committed to the development of the agricultural sector as a more sustainable economic activity and with better use of resources.

The state, he said, has the comprehensive center for greenhouses, the only one of its kind on the continent.

Referring to Agropark, located in the municipality of Colón, he added that this center houses 13 companies that place their production mainly on the foreign market.

“For Querétaro, agriculture and rural businesses have a great historical vocation that has known how to evolve. (It has the) first comprehensive center for greenhouses, unique in the entire continent, a pioneering Agropark of its kind, which has 13 companies that compete in demanding markets such as the United States and Canada,” explained the president.

According to the member of the advisory council of GreenTech Americas, Homero Ontiveros, the state of Querétaro stands out for the productivity it generates in protected agriculture, because even though it is between places 15 and 16 of the 32 entities of the country in In terms of area, it remains between the seventh and eighth position in production.

They seek to detonate field productivity

Mexico ranks sixth in the world in terms of protected agricultural area, with 54,000 hectares, which under this production model even experience productivity increases of up to 15 times, added the general director of Tarsus Mexico, José Navarro.

Therefore, he added that GreenTech Americas seeks to influence the productivity of the field, sharing experiences of good practices, as well as bringing more efficient production systems closer to producers.

“(It is) a world-class event in Querétaro, the heart of protected horticulture in Mexico and a meeting point to strengthen the development of the industry, (to) forge the producers of the future, taking advantage of a wealth of experiences and knowledge that today it is combined with innovation”, he explained.

Likewise, he acknowledged that the sector is faced with increasing its production capacity to meet demand, as well as having better control over sanitary and phytosanitary conditions to meet the requirements of the national and international market, in addition to reducing the vulnerability that affects to crops.

“We have put all our efforts so that GreenTech Americas is a perfect ally of protected agriculture in Mexico, seeking to trigger greater productivity in the Mexican countryside, greater efficiency in the use of land, water, fertilizers, pesticides, labor, in many cases energy”, he emphasized.

In this context, GreenTech Americas takes place for the second consecutive year at the Querétaro Congress Center, from April 27 to 29, with 170 exhibitors and the presence of more than 250 brands from 15 countries.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, primary activities grew 7.0% at a seasonally adjusted annual rate during the third quarter of 2021.

This increase in the Quarterly Indicator of the State Economic Activity of the primary sector represented the second in a row.

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