Queretaro industry seeks the growth of local suppliers

Queretaro, Qro. Faced with the challenges of logistics and supply that persist at a global level, the Querétaro industry faces the challenge of relocating supply and increasing the participation of local and national companies in its supply chains.

The president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), Querétaro delegation, Esaú Magallanes Alonso, explained that currently 60% of the supply of industrial companies is made up of national inputs, so there is the challenge of raising it to at least 80% local or regional integration.

According to the industrialist, there is a latent risk of experiencing a new logistics crisis, derived from the closure of the port of Shanghai, in China, which could cause damages – due to delays in the delivery of supplies – in the next two or three months.

Given this context, it is necessary for local companies to seek supply alternatives within Mexican territory.

“In two months we are going to see if there is going to be a problem or not, it is a challenge that is here just around the corner (the closure of the port of Shanghai). We must seek to reach 80% here and 20% outside, even the idea is 100%”, she explained.


Meanwhile, since the beginning of the year, industrial companies have begun to outline strategies that allow them to detect suppliers at the local level, through collaborative work sessions to detect supply needs and link them with potential suppliers.

“That is why we have done networking in the chamber, looking for large companies that tell us what supply they need and trying to unite them, because many companies are buying from outside the things that they can buy here in Querétaro, so the idea is -no be self-sufficient- but try to provide as much as possible for large companies”, said the businessman.

Through this strategy, the objective of having a local supply base is also followed to offer to large companies that come to settle in the state, because they usually arrive with import supply chains.

“There are large companies that are arriving and bringing their suppliers from other places or importing things, that is what we want to do, that the companies that arrive, in addition to knowing that there is labor peace, that it is a great state, that there are opportunities Let them see that here they can be given the supply service for all services and products,” he said.

The industrialist exemplified that some of the inputs that can be replaced by local suppliers are steel parts and resins.

After taking protest as president of Canacintra Querétaro, for the period 2022-2023, Esaú Magallanes said that the industrialists seek to adapt to any change that may arise.

Meanwhile, the national president of Canacintra, José Antonio Centeno Reyes, stressed that the economic growth of the state and the attraction of foreign investment are factors that make the state a benchmark in economic prosperity.

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