Querétaro Airport handled 52,000 tons of cargo in October

Querétaro, Qro. The Querétaro Intercontinental Airport (AIQ) handled 52,042.05 tons of cargo from January to October, continuing with the trend of exceeding the pre-pandemic level and generating the expectation of closing the year with a record for the cargo terminal.

The accumulated January-October represents a 50% annual increase, compared to the 34,697.2 tons transported in the same period of 2020; as well as an increase of 20.3% in relation to the same period of 2019 when they added 43,241.7 tons, based on reports from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

With the advance to October, it is projected to close the year with about 60,000 tons of cargo. If the annual projection is fulfilled, the cargo of 2018 (53,289.4 tons) would be exceeded, a record year in the volume transported, said the secretary of Sustainable development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero.

As of October we had already moved 53,000 tons of cargo, if all goes well, I hope that this year we will close at 60,000 tons of cargo, much higher than 2018, which was the best year in terms of cargo movement, “he declared.

Only in October, the AIQ ranked fourth in cargo with 5,545 tons moved, below the airports of Monterrey (6,335), Guadalajara (15,935) and Mexico City (52,512).

In that month, the airport was the third largest in domestic cargo volume, contributing 3,515 tons, a 22.5% annual increase. In international cargo it was the fifth place with 2,031 tons, an annual increase of 14.8%.

In this context, Querétaro airport celebrates 17 years of operations, standing out as one of the airports with the highest growth in both passengers and cargo volume, highlighted the head of Sedesu.

“It is a satisfaction that at 17 years of age it is one of the airports that has grown the most, not only in passenger volume, but also in cargo volume. It is not only an element of connectivity, but also of competitiveness for the state ”, he said.

The AIQ, he said, is an element of competitiveness for the state, in addition to concentrating airport operations, it is characterized by integrating the facilities of the Aeronautical University From queretaro (Unaq), as well as the Aerospace Park, among other facilities.

“We will continue working so that there are new airlines, new routes, more frequencies, more cargo flights, the airport has a great future. We remodeled it in 2018, three telescopic aisles were installed, the capacity for receiving passengers in the last waiting room was expanded by 80% ”, he explained.


He recalled that in 2018 an improvement program was implemented in which 250 million pesos were invested, investment of the airport’s own resources.

Without giving more details, the state secretary announced that new investment projects are planned at the airport. The AIQ began operations in November 2004.

According to the records of the SCTIn October 2006, 7,413 passengers traveled that month, a figure that in October 2021 amounted to 78,385 travelers. In cargo, it has climbed from 38 tons in October 2006 to 5,545 in the same month of this year.



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