Querétaro, a benchmark in wine tourism: Wine Growers Association

Queretaro, Qro. The state has become one of the main wine tourism destinations in the country, an activity that is beginning to pick up pace due to the relaxation of health restrictions.

According to the president of the Association of Wine Growers of Querétaro (AVQ), Mariano Velten, the average number of visitors to the state’s vineyards is between 50 and 60% of the usual flow before the health emergency.

However, according to AVQ records, before the health emergency, the wine-producing areas of the state received an average of 1 million visitors. For now, the vineyards can operate at a maximum of 90% of their capacity, in accordance with local health restrictions.

“We are the number one visitor to the route and to the wine region, so in wine tourism we are the one; As for the people who come to live experiences and learn about wine, we are the first”, he explained.

The AVQ counts 40 wine houses settled in the state. One of the points that has led to the attraction of tourists is that these projects were born to produce wine, but at the same time they delineate a tourist vocation.

“The most important thing here is that really all the projects that are born as wine producers, all of them are born with a tourist vocation, they all open their doors, already prepared to receive tourists (…) because in other regions they cannot enter the vineyards or they are not prepared to receive you, here we are all born like this, with open arms”, he highlighted.

Currently, and until September, 20 events related to wine tourism are scheduled in the state, mainly grape harvests; The activities began with the Festival of 100 Mexican Wines and are expected to conclude in September with the Queretaro Wine Festivalhe explained.

“It is very important for us (to resume the harvest), because it is the way that allows us to be close to our clients and consumers, who come to live (the experience of consuming) a good wine,” he explained.

The position that Querétaro has taken in wine tourism, he noted, is also related to having a potential population of 40 million people in surrounding entities; For this reason, it is an attractive destination as it is an average of three hours away from important population centers.

“The truth is that wine tourism is extremely important for this region, because it also spills everywhere, in hotels, in restaurants, in handicrafts, in everything, everything, it is benefited by the people who come,” he said.

Annual production

Annually, about 3 million bottles are produced in the state, through more than 300 wine labels; 70% is red wine production and 30% white and rosé.

Mariano Velten highlighted the growth experienced by the Querétaro wine region, placing itself as the third state with the highest production, only below Baja California and Coahuila.

The president of AVQ highlighted that Querétaro is an important producer of sparkling wine, mainly by the firm Finca Sala Vive by Freixenet; this product is even exported to Japan and the United States.

According to information from AVQ, Querétaro is the main producer of sparkling wine in the country. Meanwhile, it has more than 500 hectares of vineyards

The region, exposes the association, is considered the southernmost wine area in the northern hemisphere in the world, characterized by extreme viticulture.

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