Quench your thirst for combat with fast-paced action in Speed ​​Brawl [Free to download]

Based in Montreal Double Stallion Games‘Title 2018 Speed ​​fight is a fun 2D side scrolling combat racer that, similar to the classic Final flightIt has to do with tempo, timing, teamwork, and tedious trash talk.

The game is currently free to download on the Epic Games Store until September 23 with Tharsis, a turn-based space strategy game.

Speed ​​fight It starts off easy in a post-apocalyptic world with two main characters (“fighters”), Ebba and Bia, as they race through fighting races. Its objective? To finish the race as quickly as possible while fighting countless waves of alien bugs / insect-like enemies called Selenites to earn rewards.

Simply put, the faster you finish the race, the better prizes you’ll receive, and you need those top prizes to complete the toughest races that come up as you progress through the campaign. But It’s easier to say it than do it.

Without a doubt, the most fun aspect of the game is its frantic non-stop combat with various combos, aerial attacks and drops. Each character has their own unique “basic”, “special”, “ultimate” and “assist” attacks that can be timed in succession for easy 30-40 hit combos. While the initial learning curve is quite noticeable, I got used to the attacks fairly quickly.

I feel that Speed ​​fight takes the combat aspect of the game to the extreme, all while offering total control to the player. What I mean by that is that, unlike other fighting games, Speed ​​fightCombat makes you feel like you are in control of your character, allowing you to disconnect, run or jump and flag your teammate while avoiding the general feeling of “button spam” that some combat games offer.

In addition to fighting, you will need to have a good understanding of the movement mechanics of the game to progress. Speed ​​fight. Speed ​​is everything in this game, as you do have a timer after all. While the game starts out easy, as you progress, the timers decrease and the enemies increase and the learning curve skyrockets.

That’s when you will have to pay attention to the other aspects of the game: ‘Equipment’ and ‘Skills’.

Each character has their own unique skill tree that can be upgraded as their ‘fame level’ increases, which happens gradually as you progress through the campaign.

Upgrading skill sets is crucial to the game, as without them, cleaning up races becomes nearly impossible. Skill sets have three main categories: Power, Defense, and Technique. My impulsive mind says to max the energy bar, but we know that never ends well. I recommend upgrading each category one skill at a time, so that when the campaign is over, your character will have maxed out each skill category.

Then there is the Equipment, which can be obtained at the end of the races (the faster you finish, the better the equipment) or in the in-game store. Teams offer bonus damage and defense stats, bonus jumps, bonus health, bonus stamina, and more, and are crucial to taking down bosses fighting you at the end of each race.

Visually, the game is fantastic and could not have been produced better. With colored backgrounds, Dragon Ball– Out of fast animated attacks, creative special and ultimate attacks, twisted-looking alien selenites, and a HUD that’s easy to crack, the game has a lot going for it. The music and sound effects are also top-notch and they never failed to keep me involved.

The only complaint I have is with the scenes. Of course, I like a game with an engaging story, but Speed ​​fight I pushed the main narrative down into the campaign and had already lost interest by then.

The scenes feel repetitive, annoying, full of garbage talk (especially early in the game), and failed to attract my interest. If you’re looking for a casual fighting game with excellent skill trees, combat, and mechanics with skippable cut scenes that don’t necessarily affect your performance, Speed ​​fight It is a solid option that will quench that ‘thirst to beat everyone’. Now all I need is a DLC that adds Sonic the Hedgehog and I’ll finish the campaign in no time.

Speed ​​fight is currently free to download on the Epic Games Store until September 23.

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