Queen Elizabeth II felt “exhausted” after contracting covid

The queen Elizabeth II of England She felt “exhausted” after being infected with covid-19 in February, the British monarch, who will soon be 96 years old, revealed during a videoconference with health personnel.

When Elizabeth II tested positive for covid-19, she manifested, according to Buckingham Palace, “mild symptoms.”

The virus leaves “very tired and exhausted, is it not?”, the queen asked Asef Hussain, a patient who had covid-19, during the virtual inauguration of a medical care unit that bears his name at the Royal London Hospital in the British capital.

Before getting sick from the coronavirus, Isabel II already had to reduce her schedule in October, after spending a night in the hospital, although the cause of this hospitalization was never revealed.


Since the start of the pandemic, he has lived in Windsor Castle, some 40 kilometers from the capital, and is finding it difficult to get around.

Last week, the queen participated in a religious ceremony in tribute to her husband, Prince Philip, who died a year ago, which was her first public act after months of absence.

At the end of the videoconference with the medical staff, Isabel II discussed with the construction team that built the care unit in a few weeks, given the increase in the number of patients. “It’s interesting, when something vital happens, everyone works together. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?” she said.

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Staff in Britain’s public health system, the NHS, have worked under a lot of pressure during the pandemic, enduring long shifts, heavy equipment and the risk of infecting themselves and their families.

Some 33,000 NHS health workers left their posts between July and September 2021, 7,000 of them to find a better balance in their lives, according to official statistics. It is more than double that in the last quarter of 2019, just before the pandemic.

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