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The Bloc Québécois awarded the defeated liberal candidate Pascale St-Onge on Tuesday, after the judicial recount of some 30 ballot boxes in the Brome-Missisquoi parade, in the Eastern Municipalities.

“After verifications during this first day of judicial recount, the result remains practically the same. Consequently, we will not advance in our footsteps and we will recognize the result, ”wrote Julien Coulombe-Bonnafous, spokesman for Bloc Québécois.

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Court recount gives Trudeau liberals yet another victory in Quebec

Pascale St-Onge, a former union leader, was declared the winner with a gap of 197 votes against the bloc candidate Marilou Alarie.

The Block had requested a recount after the adjusted result for “irregularities” with several ballot boxes.

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After the count, Elections Canada confirms the victory of the Bloc Québécois in Trois-Rivières

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On Twitter, the Liberals’ national campaign co-chair, Mélanie Joly, congratulated the winning candidate.

“Pascale is a fighter who will work tirelessly for her fellow citizens,” he wrote. “She has earned her place in Ottawa and the people of Eastern Townships will thrive as a result.”

In Quebec, the results of the September 20 elections remain unchanged in terms of the number of seats. The Liberal Party has 35 deputies, the Bloc Québécois has 32, the Conservatives 10 and the NDP only one.

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