Quebec values ​​| There are 9 million of us, we need to talk to each other

I was 15 years old in 1976, when the Parti Québécois came to power. I was not politically engaged, but I was fascinated by the advertisements created in Quebec, often with a strong nationalist flavor.

I was one of those who already knew what field they wanted to pursue a career in. My interest in advertising was first linked to marketing and the business world, but it also aroused in me a curiosity for societal communication, and the way in which big brands draw on zeitgeist and the major trends of the moment in order to position itself in the minds of Quebecers.

It was at this time that Jacques Bouchard, the man we call the father of French-speaking advertising in Quebec, published his 36 heartstrings of Quebecers. I remember presenting an analysis of it in college. Mr. Bouchard was an advertising executive, sociologist, ethnographer and political strategist. And even though he was clearly a federalist, having worked on Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s campaigns, he knew how to stir the nationalist fiber in order to sell beer. It was his agency that created one of the most memorable advertising campaigns in Quebec for the Labatt 50.

Accompanied by unforgettable music composed by François Dompierre, this portrait of Quebec in the 1970s invited the 6 million Quebecers to get to know each other.

Quebec has changed a lot since then. The Labatt 50 is no longer what it used to be. And there are now 9 million Quebecers. Demographic growth which is primarily explained by immigration.


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