Quebec Summer Festival | Quebec looks at the “modus operandi” of resale sites

Political pressure rose a notch on Thursday after tickets for the Quebec Summer Festival and for a Professional Women’s Hockey League match quickly found themselves on resale sites at astronomical prices. The Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe, confirmed that he had mandated MP Kariane Bourassa to find solutions.

Asked Thursday before question period in the National Assembly about the regular passes for the Quebec Summer Festival which quickly found themselves on ticket resale sites, Minister Mathieu Lacombe admitted that it was time to to act.

“There are many people who are asking questions, with good reason, when there are events like this, which are financed largely by public funds, find themselves in a situation where tickets are moved to distribution sites. resale at two or three times the price. It’s not anecdotal either, we’re not talking about a few passes, it’s a modus operandi. It becomes something that is structured and happens every year. »

Since Wednesday, regular passes for the Quebec Summer Festival which sell for $150 have been selling for between $369 and $967 on resale sites.

Moreover, it should be remembered that Option consommateurs has taken collective action against the show ticket resale sites and The organization maintains that these sites do not hold the authorizations required by producers to charge prices higher than those of authorized sellers.

These two sites – in addition to the Billetqualite site – had also received tickets for violations (varying between $6,000 and $40,000) in 2014 following complaints made for excessively expensive tickets for Louis- Josée Houde and Ginette Reno.

It is in this context that Minister Lacombe asked the Member of Parliament for Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré, Kariane Bourassa, who is also parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrette, to accelerate the work on resale of tickets. A file on which Mme Bourassa has already started work.


Kariane Bourassa, Member of Parliament for Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré and parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Justice Simon Jolin-Barrette

I think it’s normal to ask the question from the consumer’s point of view, but also from the cultural point of view, because we want culture to remain accessible.

Mathieu Lacombe, Minister of Culture and Communications

The minister continued: “This is why we gave the mandate to our colleague Kariane Bourassa to work on this issue by meeting the various partners in the cultural sector. The work has started, but meetings with the different groups will take place soon. »

How can the government regulate this issue? What tools are available to you? Are legislative changes necessary? What is the role of the Consumer Protection Office? Here are some questions to which Mme Bourassa will try to respond.

“What we saw yesterday only confirms the need to look into the issue,” she indicated immediately after the question period in the National Assembly. You saw what happened with professional women’s hockey, tickets that sold for between $30 and $125 were resold for $500. It’s the same thing with the FEQ, the more time passes, the more we notice that the same situations arise. »

In the coming days, Kariane Bourassa intends to meet cultural organizations – she cites the ADISQ and the UDA – but also representatives of ticket resale sites. “We are going to draw up a portrait of the situation to propose solutions. We’ve already made a list of the groups we want to meet so far. Now we’re going to talk. »

The two representatives of the CAQ did not specify a precise timetable for carrying out their work.

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