Québec solidaire offers a “pact” to help first-time buyers

To “calm the madness of real estate speculation”, Solidarity Quebec wishes the adoption of a series of measures to protect young families wishing to become owners.

On the sidelines of their meeting to prepare for the next parliamentary term, the party announced on Thursday that it wanted to present “a pact for first buyers” this fall.

This plan proposes a limit on the commission of real estate brokers, a minimum period for the filing of an offer to purchase and the obligation to carry out a pre-purchase inspection. QS also suggests transparent purchase offers to counter the overbidding and the obligation of the legal guarantee except in cases of inheritance.

“These measures are the bare minimum. These are emergency measures to calm the madness of the speculation. Ultimately, to resolve the housing crisis, what will be needed is much more than that; we will have to change government. The CAQ delivered young families to speculators and financial sharks, ”said the new parliamentary leader of QS, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, in Sherbrooke.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois also acknowledged that the long-term solution was to improve the offer. But according to him, “all markets must be supervised to avoid abuse and slippages.”

Imposing a minimum period before submitting an offer to purchase would avoid putting people under pressure and making bad decisions before having made checks, he said. as an example.

In June, the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, launched a consultation on the supervision of real estate brokers, which ended on Wednesday. The objective of this exercise is to “determine whether certain practices in force have the effect of exacerbating” the current real estate overheating “and, if applicable, to determine the adjustments that we could make to the supervision of real estate brokerage”, the minister’s office explained in a press release.

The member for Gouin wants the dream of becoming homeowners to become possible again for his generation, as it was possible for his grandparents and parents.

“For my generation, the dream of property is the nightmare ofindebtedness He said, citing that on the island of Montreal a couple had to earn an income of more than $ 212,000 to buy a single-family home.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois specified that his party’s proposals would not prevent anyone from selling his house. “They are going to put guidelines so that no one gets fooled and that having access to a first home is no longer something reserved for young doctors, but that all the people who have normal salaries in my generation can at least maintain this. dreams of having a first property, ”he argued.

The 10 solidarity deputies met on Wednesday and Thursday in a hotel in the Estrie capital to discuss the next parliamentary session which begins on September 14 at the National Assembly.

The second opposition party will prioritize the environment. He announced Wednesday his intention to introduce an “anti-pipeline” bill to ban all new construction in the field of gas and oil.

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