Quebec reports 60 fewer COVID-19 hospitalizations as it eases isolation rules

Quebec is still seeing several COVID-19 deaths per day and reported 15 on Thursday, but its hospitalization numbers are dropping swiftly, spurring it to continue easing public health rules.

There was a big drop of 60 in the total number of hospitalizations in the last 24 hours, with 70 people newly admitted and 130 discharged, the province reported.

There’s now a total of 1,162 people in hospital, well below the province’s capacity thresholds.

Intensive care numbers dropped by one for a total of 68 people in ICU with the virus.

On Thursday morning, public heath chief Dr. Luc Boileau announced that Quebecers who come into contact with COVID-19 cases won’t need to isolate if they have no symptoms, starting in a few days.

As of March 12, these Quebecers will no longer be required to isolate for five days, but they are encouraged to wear a mask and not to go out without one, public health officials say.

New case numbers, while no longer reliable due to the lack of PCR testing, were at 1,267 yesterday. That included 327 self-reported positive cases from at-home tests.


The province also added almost 18,500 new vaccine doses in the last 24 hours. According to the latest detailed vaccination statistics, 52 per cent of Quebecers are now increased and 91 per cent of people five and up have a first dose.

That includes 24,817 adults over 18 who have gotten a first dose since Jan. 24.

Right now, as Quebec heads into a much more relaxed public health regime, there are just over half a million unvaccinated people in the province, exactly 513,826, according to the data.

The age group with lowest vaccination numbers continues to be children under 12, with only 65 per cent of that group already given a first dose. Only 42 per cent of that group has two doses.

Teenagers age 12 to 17, on the other hand, have some of Quebec’s highest coverage numbers, with a full 99 per cent of this group first-dosed and 94 per cent second-dosed.

That makes teenagers second only to the oldest age group, those 60-plus, 95 per cent of whom have two doses.

Adults 18 to 39, a group that was lagging for months in vaccination numbers, is slowly catching up to the provincial average, with 86 per cent of this group now having two doses and 36 per cent boosted.

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