Quebec reported six new COVID-19 deaths on Thursday, bringing total deaths to 15,559 since the pandemic began.

COVID-19 hospitalizations decreased by four, with 85 new entries and 89 discharges. There are currently 1,080 people occupying hospital beds.

Thirty people are in intensive care, a decrease of three from the previous day, with two entries and five discharges.

Of the newly hospitalized, six people are unvaccinated, two have received one shot, and ten have received two.

Sixty have received three shots, 53 of whom are over age 60. And two people are below age four, while five have an unknown vaccination status.

Over half the eligible population in Quebec is triple-vaxxed.

Meanwhile, 5,188 healthcare workers are absent from work for reasons related to the virus.


The health ministry also logged 1,138 new positive PCR tests, although this number does not reflect the actual number of infections as PCR testing is not available to the general population.

In addition, 488 positive rapid tests were self-declared. A total of 225,842 at-home tests have been declared since Quebec opened its online portal.

The province is currently monitoring 173 outbreaks.


Quebec health-care workers administered 4,492 additional doses of the vaccine.

So far, 91 per cent of eligible Quebecers have received at least one dose, while 55 per cent have received three and 15 per cent have received four.


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