Quebec Police Say They Are Investigating Images Of The Violent Arrest Of Black Teenagers – Montreal | The Canadian News

Quebec City police say they are investigating a violent arrest involving black teenagers after videos surfaced online Saturday night.

the images shows officers dragging, pinning, and beating black teenagers in the snow. At one point an officer it looks like kicking snow on the young man’s face.

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A press release from the Quebec City police says authorities are “deeply concerned” by the officers’ behavior and are investigating the incident.

Police did not provide further details on the interaction or identity of the people involved in the videos.

Professional boxer Eric Martel-Bahoeli, however, says he recognized one of the young black men in the video.

Martel-Bahoeli said the police have no excuse for such behaviors and that the arrest only increases racial tensions between police officers and the black community.

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–With files from The Canadian Press

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