Quebec on its knees in front of Netflix

Do Quebecers, these immemorial people, want to be spared the “barbaric invasions” of the digital giants? Allow me to doubt it.

Alain Saulnier, a well-known voice on Radio-Canada, a distinguished journalist who has become a communication teacher at the University of Montreal, has just published The digital barbariansan essay that illustrates how vulnerable our cultural production is to digital goliaths that burst into the landscape without responding to the control mechanisms designed for TV or radio.

My colleague Sarah-Émilie Nault spoke with this lucid man with whom I fully agree… except on one point: I’m not sure that Quebecers really want to resist these invaders like Netflix, Prime , AppleTV+ and Disney+.

soft side

Yes, I wonder, Mr. Saulnier, if Quebecers, having become collective unconscious, really want to strengthen their culture.

Our artists, singers, filmmakers, actors and especially our publicists make an enormous effort to glorify the joual, the coronations, the Anglicisms. The “tabarnaks”, the jokesthe tunesthe funthe showsthe internshipsmake our daily food indigestible and anemic.

This relaxation, this softening, this soft flank ideology has become institutionalized. Even at the high mass on Sunday evening at Radio-Canada, we gibberish. Here we are intellectually powerless to resist the intrepid barbarians of the digital world… in front of which we risk remaining on our knees.


We should not be surprised if the new person in charge of the bilingualism file at the federal level, Ginette Petitpas-Taylor, with her supposed “horse medicine” presented the day before yesterday, also finds herself in the water.

She worries about the decline of French, but … nothing for Legault who will not have his law 101 applied to federal civil servants based in Quebec. We’ll pat Air Canada and CN on the knuckles. However, neither companies with 50 employees or less, nor signage, nor company names will be touched. Because we know very well that, in this case too, Quebecers will remain on their knees.

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