Quebec is considering banning anti-vaccine demonstrations near schools and hospitals

The Legault government is considering adopting a law like the one that bans demonstrations near abortion clinics to prevent anti-vaccines from targeting schools and hospitals.

“Nothing is excluded,” the Prime Minister said on Tuesday Francois Legault. It could be a special law. We are looking at what we can do. “

“It is unacceptable to see anti-vaccine demonstrators in front of our schools, in front of our hospitals. I cannot tolerate that, ”he added.

There have already been five anti-vaccine demonstrations near schools in Montreal since the start of the school year, Liberal education spokesperson Marwah Rizqy said on Tuesday.

She said she saw children being cursed and filmed by demonstrators, “in violation of their right to privacy.”

Ms. Rizqy suggests as a short-term solution to seek an injunction when a protest is announced on social networks.

“We can no longer simply twitter our indignation, we must take action,” she said from her seat at the Salon Bleu. We have to protect the children before it gets out of hand. “

Government House Leader Simon Jolin-Barrette assured her that her government was at work.

“Our health workers who get up every morning to maintain the health network, to ensure that people are treated, they must do so in peace, the same for children”, he proclaimed. .

Quebec adopted a law in 2016 banning demonstrations within a 50-meter perimeter around abortion clinics.

Likewise, the Legault government could demarcate a perimeter around schools and hospitals where demonstrations would be banned.

They could however be held elsewhere, the right to demonstrate being considered fundamental.

On September 10, Ministers Geneviève Guilbault (Public Security) and Jean-François Roberge (Education) asked the police to exercise increased vigilance near schools.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) told The Canadian Press on Monday that it had not received “any specific directive” from the government, but that the police were “ready to intervene”.

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