Quebec invests to develop training in biofabrication

The provincial government announced on Friday an investment of $2.5 million for the creation of a Quebec training and requalification center specializing in the field of biomanufacturing.

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The building will be the second to open in the country, along with the one in Prince Edward Island. “Biofabrication” refers to a type of manufacturing that uses living systems (such as plants or animal cells) as a basis. It is in this type of center where vaccines are manufactured, among other things.

“The health crisis has highlighted the need to be able to respond adequately to Quebec’s needs for biopharmaceutical products, such as vaccines. As a government, we make it our duty to support biomanufacturing and develop the expertise needed to increase Quebec production of these products,” said Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon.

The government assistance will be used in particular to purchase the first equipment needed to establish a training service adapted to industrialists as well as to support part of the operating expenses for the first two years of the center’s commissioning.

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