Quebec grants more than $9.3 million to fight against coastal erosion in Maria

The area targeted by this work is between the post office and the Rivière Verte.

This sum will notably make it possible to protect residential buildings, businesses, a residence for the elderly and municipal infrastructures.

Maritime Quebec is 4,000 kilometers of coastline, so there are major challenges in terms of coastal flooding and erosion. »

A quote from Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Security

This envelope will be used to put in place solutions to protect the banks and prevent it from continuing to erode because we can see it, there are places where it is still quite dugshe observes.

In addition to being Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault is Deputy Premier of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabelle Larose

The ministry is currently analyzing a range of solutions to protect the sectors most exposed to coastal hazards, together with the Municipality of Maria.

Protective measures will then be targeted and work will begin.

The solution is being determined with experts. […] It was important to announce it right away so that people could have the peace of mind of knowing that the agreement was reached. The money is there and the solution is being determinedlaunches Minister Guilbault.

We are going to solve this problem, which is probably making people very concerned. »

A quote from Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Security

In a few months, citizens will be able to know if there will be riprap, sanding or any other measure in the targeted sector. The government is giving itself until 2025 to complete the work.

Maria also invests in the project

The department has been working on this project, estimated at $10 million, for more than two years, together with the Municipality of Maria.

The mayor, Jean-Claude Landry, confirms that the City will fund part of the project, namely $684,000.

It was a priority file because there is a threat to homes, to people’s quality of life, but also to our infrastructure, in particular the aqueduct and the sewer system.he says.

Infrastructure is money, it is expensive, so it must be protected. »

A quote from Jean-Claude Landry, Mayor of Maria

Jean-Claude Landry is happy that such a project has been announced in his municipality.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabelle Larose

It indicates that a few buildings located near the sea, such as the IGA food market, have almost no land left. Everything has been eaten away, erosion has done its workpoints out Mr. Landry.

Remember that Maria was greatly affected during the high tides of 2010.

Maria is particularly affected by the phenomenon of bank erosion.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Isabelle Larose

According to the mayor, even if the citizens seem relieved that actions are being taken to protect the banks, some remain concerned about the form that these measures will take.

Of course there is some concern about the type of protection that will be presented. Residents do not want to lose the magnificent view of Chaleur Bay. »

A quote from Jean-Claude Landry, Mayor of Maria

However, Mr. Landry assures that citizens will be informed and consulted throughout the process.

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